Tough and Funny Mario(Android Mobile Game)

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

AIM:The main aim of developing this game is to get more fun, thrill and enjoyment in playing mobile games.

You can download it  by searching “Tough and Funny Mario” in your Play Store or by  URL :Tough And Funny Mario

Tough anf Funny Mario
THEME: In this game our Hero is Mario.To achieve his love he started his adventurous journey to reach her Lover.Mean while  he will come across different types of Enemies.He must overcome those enemies and finally reach her lover.

To increase his life chances, he need to collect Hearts and Bomb Power to kill Enemies  which are hidden in one of the  question boxes .The heart and Bomb Power  will be released when Mario hits the question box containing the heart..

The main theme of this game is to reach the destination by taking less number of chances.The player should concentrate on timing and help the Mario to reach his lover’s Heart within Short span of time.

This game is compatible for all android mobiles for  all resolutions.

Note: If your mobile resolution is more than 480 x 800 pixels than the game will be centralized. Except that it is working fine for all Android mobile devices.


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