Game Engine(2D Games Making Tool for Mobiles[android,java] and console)

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What is this Tool and How is it work?

               This  tool is for making games. It provides all graphical requirements (Animation, Frames, Tiles, Maps, levels, Marks & cinematic) to develop a 2D game which can be developed by J2SE, J2ME and ANDROID languages.It is very user friendly . All operations are done by simply mouse click and drag. It reduce your time to make games. We provide utility methods, by using these methods you can get your graphics( Animated sprite, Maps, etc). you need not to concentrate at code.

Features :

1. The main features of Game Making Tool is WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) for which you will like It the most.
2. Provides a clean and easily understandable interface, that will take no time for getting used to.
3. Provides Keyboard shortcuts for all the action .
4. Dynamic reflection of properties changed on to the screen .
5. You will be able to move and resize a component (Art, Frame, Animation, etc) . 
6. The generated output java source code and binary file will be neatly indented .
7. Allows you to save your work and restore it later.
8. The Project files are stored in simple .sprint, .font, .level, .map and .string (binary information) file format.
9. The Project files can’t be manually edited . If you are trying to edit, you may not get your designed output.
System requirements :
Since the project is compiled in java SE 1.6 .  you are required to have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 .Please set your Path environment variable before running the software.


  1. Animation
  2. Game level creation
  3. Game Integration
  4. Font creation
  5. String creation


In this Task you can to get items, frames( It is merged by collections of  items) and sprite(it is nothing but an animated items like Actor moving , riding, etc). We are free to apply different palates to get items with different colors.

It has Three Modules

  1. Art
  2. Frame
  3. Sprite

Art : Here you can select required items from single image which contains number of items to create Actor animations, Enemy animations and Items animations.

Simple screen short is below


Frame : It is nothing but a frame which is composed by number of Art items. It is useful to create animation further.

Simple screen short is below


Sprite : It is an animated object like Actor waking, running, etc. It is composed by both Arts items and Frames items.

Simple screen short is below


2. Game level creation:

In this task you can design game level with tiles( tile is nothing but small image). you are free to design root map and buildings.

It has Two Modules:

  1. Map
  2. Cinematic

Map : It is useful to design game design by simply drag and drop. It maintain each tile number. By using this tile number we can control actor movement, killing position, game ending point and position witch is useful to enter into another game level.

Simple screen short is below



In this Module, We are able to create cinema for each level. Cinematic is nothing but an animation witch is don’t need User interaction. It is running automatically. For example , Enemy was going to kidnap heroin and than hero going to bring back herio at starting of game. Enemy kidnap seen don’t need user interaction , this episode is called cinematic.

Simple screen short is below


3. Game Integration:

My activities in this Module is integrating all game levels together. We can set camera view. It able to read level which is created in MAP module.

4. Font creation:

In this Module you are able to get fonts for A to Z(a to z) and 0 to 9 from image witch is has all alphabets and numeric images together.

5. String creation:

In this Module you are able to apply font to each string which is used in game. We should write all strings in .xls file and give this file to tool, it  can load .xls file and give you respective font string.

Simple screen short is below



This tool is sporting all language . At present i am preparing for J2SE, J2ME  and ANDROID.

If you want this tool, send your request to . I will send you with documentation and few restrictions ASAP.

Thank you,

Prabhakara Rao B.


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