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This is prabhakar.  Here you can find useful Tools, Games(mobile,console and web) and Applications.

Tough and Funny Mario:

AIM:The main aim of developing this game is to get more fun, thrill and enjoyment in playing games
THEME: In this game our hero is Mario.To achieve his love he started his adventurous journey to reach her Lover.Mean while  he will come across different types of Enemies.He must overcome those enemies and finally reach her lover.more

Gaming Tool:

               This  tool is for making games. It provides all graphical requirements (Animation, Frames, Tiles, Maps, levels, Marks & cinematic) to develop a 2D game which can be developed by J2SE, J2ME and ANDROID languages.It is very user friendly . All operations are done by simply mouse click and drag. It reduce your time to make games. We provide utility methods, by using these methods you can get your graphics( Animated sprite, Maps, etc). you need not to concentrate at code. more

A Scalable Classifier

Classification is an important problem in the emerging field of data mining. Although classification has been studied extensively in the past, most of the classification algorithms are designed only for memory-resident data, thus limiting their suitability for data mining in large data sets. This paper discusses issues in building a scalable classifier and presents a data structure called B-tree which efficiently fetches the records from secondary storage devices using indexing. more

Adventures of Romeo

This game is about two persons who are in love. Their names are Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s father knows about their love. He hides  his daughter in a  forbidden area and arranged different types of enemies in middle way.

Now Romeo should find her to achieve his love. He has three chances to find her by default.He should overcome all those enemies men while he can collect money for their marriage. At the end of the level he will meet Juliet with hot kiss. more

Color Manager

1. The main features of ColorManager Tool is WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) for which you will like It the most.
2. Provides a clean and easily understandable interface, that will take no time for getting used to.
3. Provides Keyboard shortcuts for all the action . more


Thanking you,

Prabhakara Rao Bodduru,

Contact No:8142831173


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